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With the right formula we help organizations navigate the often complex business productivity paradigm, leverage our network of connections and apply our extensive industry knowledge and guarantee that our team will bring significant added value, maximize the potential of your business objectives and provide you the best returns in the most efficient and seamless manner.

cogenium is a business consulting firm dedicated oneself to the next generation of digital workplaces and primarily work with companies using the Microsoft Technology to enhance and drive their information and/or document management, collaboration and BI initiatives to deliver greater returns.

Collectively our management team has more than a century of experience operating within the business productivity environment, acquired whilst working for a variety of organizations, which included names such as: UN-OHCHR, OSCE, Council of Europe, Swiss Federal Administration, City of Zurich, companies from the Banking & Insurance, Telecommunication, Trade and Service industry to name but a few.

Our expertise is centered around our ability to develop and implement tailor-made solutions to effectively ensure that clients’ projects fully achieve their objectives. 

Whether looking for expert industry advice when investigating the right strategy or technology, delivering ambitious projects, or seeking relevant professionals to advise on and execute improvement measures, congenium can assist and add value to your business by creating an effective programme that consistently meets your needs.