visual management

Collaborative review and co-authoring of documents

VIMAPP REPORT is an easy to use tool for the collaborative review and co-authoring of documents or reports (Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files).

Whether you need to review or co-author reports within your department, across the organization (inside or outside the firewall) or with your partners and experts, RoD expedites the process within its secure, structured and controlled environment.

The production of documents is usually a collaborative process involving input from multiple reviewers. In many cases, this can lead to frustration and confusion with the creation of multiple document versions, managing confusing email trails, multiple review meetings and conference calls in the effort to communicate across geographies and time zones.

VIMAPP REPORT is available to users in a way they are used to work, and enables simultaneous, parallel review by multiple participants, wherever they are. Everyone working on the same single document ensures it is an efficient and transparent process, which significantly reduces the effort associated with document review.

VIMAPP REPORT is a cost effective solution for the document review process, providing an excellent return on investment:

  1. Reduce review time by up to 65%
  2. Typically save 35% in review costs
  3. Deliver higher quality documents
  4. Shorten project timescales.